Professional CBD Booster

The Professional CBD Booster is a potent regenerative booster contains
the purest form of Cannabis Sativa (CBD) grown in the USA and
controlled by the Department of Agriculture to fight against premature
aging and other skin conditions. This perfected serum is concentrated to
enhance any treatment, or GlyMed Plus formula to instantly immerse the
skin with one of the most powerful antioxidants, reducing fine lines and
wrinkles and neutralizing free radical damage.

Key Ingredients: CBD | Hyaluronic Acid | Vitamin C (Oil-Soluble)I
Vitamin E

Recommended For: All skin types, particularly fine lines and wrinkles, acne
and photo-damaged skin.

Benefits: Increases Hydration | Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles| Increases
Firmness & Elasticity | Repairs | Balances | Calms| Lifts & Firms

Concerns: Preventative | Fine Lines & Wrinkles | Sagging Skin | Post-
Treatment | Rosacea | Acne

In-Clinic: Apply ½ dropper into desired product or professional treatment.
Home Care: Blend 4-6 drops into chosen GlyMed Plus serum or
moisturizer 1-2x/day.


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