Treatment Cream BIOCELL-sc

Treatment Cream with BICOELL-sc is an advanced formula containing a 30%
blend that quickly penetrates the skin for superior anti-aging results. It
effectively resurfaces the skin while adding hydration to retexturize rough,
photo-damaged skin. This weightless cream nourishes and hydrates with
rich antioxidants and regulates the skin with retinyl palmitate.

Key Ingredients: 30% BIOCELL-sc Complex (Glycolic, Lactic & Malic Acid) I
Shea Butter Hyaluronic Acid Retinyl Palmitate

Recommended For: Aging and hyperpigmentation. Use caution with Fitz 4-6.

Benefits: Moisturizes| Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles | Increases Firmness
& Elasticity

Concerns: Fine Lines & Wrinkles | Aging | Photo-Damaged|
Hyperpigmentation | Pre-Treatment

In-Clinic: Use as a treatment cream to promote cell renewal.

Home Care: 2-3x/week or as tolerated. Apply to cleansed skin in the
evening and follow with a moisturizer. Begin with Age Management
Treatment Cream and gradually work up to this product.

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