Treatment Cream – Age Management

Treatment Cream stimulates new collagen and elastin production
below the skin’s surface, which corrects free radical damage and
reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Containing a proprietary blend of 15%
Glycolic Acid and healing botanicals, this product replenishes the skin’s
hydration for healthy, ageless skin. Treatment Cream is non-greasy,
lightweight and pure.

Key Ingredients: 15% Glycolic Acid | Yeast Beta Glucan | Grape Seed I
Squalene | Aloe Vera | Avocado

Recommended For: Aging and photo-damaged skin.

Benefits: Moisturizes | Anti-Aging | Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles I
Increases Firmness & Elasticity | Prevention | Reduces Pigmentation

Concerns: Fine Lines & Wrinkles | Dryness | Hyperpigmentation I
Treatment Preparation | Rosacea

In-Clinic: Apply as a leave-on cream followed by a moisturizer.
Home Care: 2-3x/week or more frequently, as tolerated. Apply to
cleansed skin in the evening and follow with a moisturizer.


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